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Sea Turtle Extra Wide Headband

Sea Turtle Extra Wide Headband

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The Savasana headwrap 

— t h e - d e s i g n— 

Designed for comfort and versatility. The Savasana headwrap is 11” wide, buttery soft, seamless, lightweight, and single layer, so you can fold/scrunch/twist your headwrap to fit your vibe. This headwrap is the ultimate loungewear accessory. 

— t h e - f a b r i c — 

Softer than your favorite leggings, this lightweight,  super stretchy spandex-blend is everything when it comes to looking (and feeling!) effortlessly put together & laid back. 

— t h e - f i t — 

Unisex. One size fits most adults.

— h o w - t o - w e a r — 

Like a bohemian queen. (aka, Literally, however you want.) Try scrunching it a little, or folding it once or twice to make it skinnier. Or, stretch it wide and wear it like a bandana (a favorite for dreadlocks). Over top or underneath your hair, on your forehead or pushed back behind your hairline… however you like it. Show us how you style yours on Insta! 

— s t y l i s t - t i p —

Whether you have hippie hair or live a life of athleisure, the Savasana headwrap is your new bff. Try wearing it like this: gather a small handful of hair at the crown of your head and ponytail/clip it. Put on your headwrap, scrunching it around your hairline. Let the handful of hair loose and pull any extra face-framing pieces through. 

— w a s h i n g —

washer & dryer safe. do not bleach or iron.