Want to sell MandaBees headbands in your yoga studio, boutique, or store and make a profit? We're selective about where we want our product to be featured, but if you think you'd be a good fit, send us an email! We'd love to hear from you!

How does it work?
We'll set up a day where we will come in and drop off your display, sign, and inventory. You're more than welcome to choose some of your inventory that we bring, just let us know if you have any favorites that you want featured in your shop :) 
Upon receipt of your first batch of inventory, you'll count and confirm the number given. These headbands are now your responsibility to sell. 
When do I pay you, and how much? 
Each month (or more often, if you sell lots of headbands) we will come in to your shop to do an in-person inventory assessment. We'll count the remaining # of headbands currently at your shop, and you will owe $6.50 for each solid colored or patterned headband missing from originally dispersed inventory, and $9 for each screen printed or vinyl transferred headband (anything with text, logos, team sports, scripted, etc). The retail prices for these headbands are $9 and $12, respectively. (This means you will owe for any headbands sold, lost, stolen, damaged, or missing from originally dispersed inventory for any reason.) We'll record the numbers and provide you with an invoice. Your invoice is due upon receipt so you'll pay us via check or credit card that day (or, within 7 days of receiving your invoice).
If you fail to pay your invoice, we will pull consignment and serve you with a bill for your remaining balance. 
How do I get new/more headbands to sell?
When we come in to do our inventory assessment and upon receipt of your first invoice, we will also re-up your inventory and give you more headbands to sell. You will be required to count and confirm the new number given and the total # of headbands currently being consigned at your shop. We can't leave more headbands without payment of previous invoice, so we suggest paying it that day so we can give you your new inventory right then and there. 
Can you make headbands with my stores logo on them for me to sell? 
Of course! They cost more for us to make, so the consignment price (cost to you) is $9 each (instead of $6 like the others) and you can sell them at retail $12-15 each. You'll have to pay for these headbands up front, but you won't owe us anything after that. If you're interested in custom headbands, click here.