What makes us different?

We are headband connoisseurs turned headband designers. We solved all the problems that other headbands create. Literally, perfection in a headband.


No slip. Guaranteed.
Seriously. Designed to be worn half on skin and half on hair, our Flawless fabric contours to your head, gently grips onto your skin, and stays where you put it all day longYou can even scrunch it up and wear it skinnier, as long as half of the headband stays touching your skin. 
No headaches.
Some of our competitors rely on sheer tightness of the headband on your head to keep it in place.
Ours are so stretchy that they don't squeeze your head, and there's no extra elastic or bulky seams at the back to press on your pressure points. 
Weighing .04 oz, the flawless headband is virtually weightless. 
No hair damage 
No silicone, so no hair damage. 
No sweat in your eyes
Maximum Sweat-wicking, minimal fabric. Regulates body temp by allowing sweat to evaporate through breathable, virtually weightless fabric. (Yep, say goodbye to your heavy sweat-absorbing headband that holds moisture against your skin - overheating, breakouts, no thanks!)
No rolled up edges,
No stretching out - Resilient fibers bounce back to their normal shape every time, so no matter how many times you wear it or wash it, it’ll always look and feel brand new.  Our headbands don't show wear like others do, and can be stretched to maximum capacity and they won't roll up at the edges and become overstretched like our competitors' headbands… this was a common problem among single layer headbands, until we fixed it. ;)

*To preserve the newness of your headbands, we recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry. While our solid colored and patterned headbands are generally machine washable and dryer safe, hand-washing is especially recommended for any of your printed and metallic headbands, as fabric softener and high heat dryers can damage the quality of the print. By caring for your headbands this way, they will always look brand new when cared for!
*Handmade in America using only American made fabrics.
we’re often imitated, (you’ll even see this description copied and pasted on our competitor’s shop sites) but NEVER duplicated. Our competitor’s fabrics aren’t the same, nor do their headbands function the same.  But don’t take our word for it - put us to the test! If we aren’t your favorite headband, send it back for a full refund.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my MandaBees headband?

While our solid colored and patterned headbands are washer and dryer safe, we do recommend hand-washing your printed headbands and laying them flat to dry. This preserves the life of the athletic-grade transfers we use to print on these headbands, as colors from other garments could bleed on your headband in the wash, and using fabric softener or tumbling them in a high-heat dryer could potentially damage the print. 


Where are Manda Bees headbands made?

All of our headbands are handmade in Ohio. Our fabrics are american-made, and we outsource NOTHING. :)

What are they made out of?

Our signature fabric is a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. Our germ and odor resistant line also contains antimicrobial agents within the fibers of the fabric.  

Do you sponsor teams or groups?

All the time! If you need more than 25 headbands for your event, group, club, or to sell in your boutique, click here for more details.


A pattern I want to buy is out of stock. When will it be re-stocked?

We make our headbands in quantities of 1000 or less. This contributes to their (almost) "one of a kind" feel, and allows us to continuously create new and exciting patterns several times throughout the year. This means that typically when a pattern sells out, it's gone for good (with the exception of most solid colors including black, white, and grey… we'll always restock those.) We suggest buying the headbands you love most when we release them, because once they're gone, there's no telling if or when they'll come back.

Have an idea for a headband design or pattern? We love to hear your ideas! Send us an email with your idea and maybe you'll see it on a headband in the future! (ShopMandaBees@gmail.com)


How to I return my headbands for a refund?

*As of April 1 2020, we will not be accepting any returns of headbands with buttons added. This is our effort to decrease the spread of covid-19 as we will not resell returned headbands*

If you're unsatisfied with your order, please mail your headbands back to us at 179 West Market St. Warren, OH 44481. Include your receipt or a note inside your package that indicates your order number. We also advise getting a tracking number on your return package. We do not refund initial shipping charges.

Returns and exchanges are ONLY accepted 90 days from purchase date. No exceptions.

*If you purchased your headband at a festival, you'll need to include the name on the credit card you used to purchase the headband with along with the last 4 digits of the credit card used.

If you purchased your headband with cash, you will need the receipt to return it to confirm how much you paid for the headband. Without a receipt, we will gladly honor exchanges.  *Cash refunds must be issued via Paypal - we do not send cash through the mail. Must have your receipt to be refunded a cash payment.

Can I call MandaBees Headquarters?

We do not conduct ANY business over the phone. ALL correspondence will be done via email as we do NOT have a business phone number and do NOT conduct business over the phone. Emails are checked several times a day and your question will be answered quickly.

Can I pick up my order, or can I meet up with you to pick it up?

Unfortunately not at this time. We no longer have a physical location for our boutique (though we do have several mini-boutiques inside stores across the US).  Under no circumstances will we drop your order off, schedule a "pick up" of your order, or meet up with you to deliver it. ALL orders will be shipped, no exceptions. Sorry!

Shipping Policies & Missing Orders click here. 

Will you sponsor my instagram yoga challenge?

We occasionally sponsor yoga challenges on instagram, but the winner of the challenge's mailing address MUST be in the United States. If your chosen winner's mailing address is not in the United States, we will gladly ship their prize to you, and you are free to send it to them. Manda Bees does NOT ship free headbands outside of the United States.

Have a question or a custom order? email ShopMandaBees@gmail.com