Build-a-Booty e-book

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Design your own training program with the Build-A-Booty e-book by personal trainer and fitness instructor Amanda Chine. 

✔ boost metabolism

✔ burn fat

✔ build muscle

✔ fully customizable to your personal fitness level

✔ a workout that adapts with you as you get stronger


What you get in this e-book:

15 complex body weight-only exercises that you can do anywhere no matter what fitness level you're beginning at, and a customizable progression plan so this workout doesn't become obsolete once you crush it. The stronger you get, the harder you can make it! 


What's the difference between this and a personal training package? 
-one time payment of less than half the cost of one training session 
-this ebook is not just one session. Unlimited customizable sessions at multiple levels are contained within this ebook. 
-no equipment needed
-do it from home
-can be used prior to, in combination with, or in place of personal training.



Why this e-book is different than other paid workout plans: 

This isn't just any old generalized workout plan. It's also not someone else's fine-tuned plan of what worked perfectly for them, (so it should for you, right?) No. It's none of that. It's a compilation of modifiable exercises that I have found to be most beneficial to all bodies and all levels. I use these exercises in my own and my client's fitness routines and in my classes because they're doable, effective and clients see results. This e-book comes with a plan (much like what I write for my personal training clients) that allows you to customize this workout to your current and evolving fitness levels (hence, this e-book is for ALL levels). This workout WILL get you stronger, you'll build muscle and burn fat, and you'll feel better. 


What you need:

NOTHING. Not even shoes. 


Bonus "Nutrition Rules": what my clients live by and how they use nutrition to fuel weight loss, lean muscle gain, and their workouts.

Exercises within this e-book were compiled by personal trainer and fitness instructor Amanda Chine. 


*downloadable - will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment.