No slip. No headaches. No hair damage. Guaranteed.

About Us


Hi! I’m Amanda, and I started MandaBees Headbands in 2012 after teaching my first yoga class wearing a super popular & pricey headband that I ended up hating.

I accidentally started a business!

Backtrack. What I was looking for that didn't exist was a headband that kept my hair back, kept sweat off my face, looked cute and didn't give me a headache. I looked everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. From Walmart™ to Etsy™, sporting goods stores to high end yoga brands; if they sold headbands, I put them to the rigorous test. A lot were terrible. Some were ok, but none were amazing.

I found myself looking at this massive headband drawer with “nothing to wear” every morning teaching 2 or 3 fitness classes every day at The Classroom and training clients in between, I didn’t always have time to shower and fix my hair after every workout.

But, I couldn't continue to be a hot mess in public. It was out of any own personal dire need that MandaBees was born. 

For months I researched and experimented with technical fabrics and athletic spandex blends. With my best friend's sewing machine and my grandma's help, I made MY perfect headband. 

It. Was. Perfect.

I mean, put a fresh one on after each workout, perfect. Like, I needed 100 of these, perfect. 

It was everything I desperately needed and then some. No slip. No headaches. No sweat running down my face. (Bonus, no one will be able to tell if you wear mascara to hot yoga!)

Everyone at the fitness studio wanted them. 

Everyone who knew someone at the fitness studio wanted one. 

I had “orders” and I hadn’t even realized I had a business yet.

So I got to sewing!! I hand-drew a logo— a bumble bee— and named the "company" MandaBees after my nickname Manda B. from grade school, and pinned a little tag on each order before I handed them out at the studio.

I was slowly realizing: I had created something that didn’t exist yet, and everyone wanted.


And so, the MandaBees Yoga headband was born. Fast forward, our Etsy store has a 5 star rating and 25,000+ sales, we're proud to say we've sponsored several local and national teams, we ran the MandaBees Headband Boutique in downtown Warren Ohio for a year, then adventured all over the globe selling headbands at fairs, music festivals, pop-ups, malls and farmers markets, organically building our following by making connections with people who need our product as bad as I did in 2012.

Our team spent years in research & development working to perfect an already perfect workout headband, and we are continuously adding fun new brunch- and date-worthy styles to our lineup, so whatever the occasion, we’ve got your back.... er, hair. 


The MandaBees Team

Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower, to motivate and to eliminate what holds you back. We’re here for your good hair days, your hot yoga classes, your weekend hikes and your layovers. We’re here for your ultra sweaty cycling classes, your at-home workouts, your double shifts, and your brunch dates. Consider us your instant good hair day. 

Our Philosophy.   

Our fabrics are produced in the US. Our headbands are handmade by people who are paid and treated fairly. We believe fast-fashion is a thing of the past, and should be replaced with quality items and handmade goods.

This brand was started to fill a void - to create the type of headbands that checked all the boxes (comfort, style, sustainability) that just didn’t exist... and we will continue to do that by only making headbands that we love.

We will continue to offer you unrivaled comfort and effortless style with every headband we make. We will forever prioritize attention to detail. We sweat the small stuff so you don't have to. We know how it feels to need a reliable headband, and we know how it feels to finally have one (or, 50).