custom printed headbands

custom printed headbands 


Want your logo, design, or words printed on a headband? That's our specialty! 

 Any color print. (Even glitter and hologram.)

Send us an email to to order, or just use the links below and then email us your design! 

germ and smell resistant headbands

CHOOSE your design options. (how many colors will we need to print your design?):

1-2 color design: Click here to order.
(if you're buying multiples of the same design, use the discount codes below).
1-4 headbands:  $16 ea. (no code needed)
5-12 headbands: $13.92 ea. - use code: RNMHPDGZ7WRS
13-50 headbands: $12.80 ea. - use code: 6E64GKGCV2BF
51-100 headbands: $12 ea. - use code: 2RR3TCXSX9BR

3-4 color designs: click here to order
1-8 headbands:  $17.50 ea. 
9-35 headbands: $15.23 ea. - use code: RNMHPDGZ7WRS
36-50 headbands: $14 ea. - use code: 6E64GKGCV2BF
51-100 headbands: $13.13 ea. 2- use code: RR3TCXSX9BR


(Have questions? Just email to order. we'll send you a link to pay!)


SEND your design to us at If it's a specific logo or image, send that. If it's text and you prefer a specific font, let us know. 


Want your headbands Extra wide (5.25")? Available for an additional $1 per headband.

We also offer design services for a small upcharge if you have a vague idea of what you want on your headband, we'll design a few options for you to choose from. 

After you order...
We will review your order and send you a link to complete payment for your custom order if you haven’t already paid. As soon as payment is received, your order will be put into production.
Turnaround time is 10-14 business days. If you need your headbands by a certain date, let us know.
*If you'd like a proof of your design before we make your headbands, add this to your cart: Proof.
*we do not conduct business over the phone. ALL correspondence is done via email.
*all custom orders are non-refundable
*all designs submitted for printing must be clean, crisp images with bold details. Tiny fine details don't work well for printing onto headbands since the largest printable area is 3"x5". Wondering if your design will work? Email it to us and ask!
*you must either own the rights to the submitted design or have permission to use it.
Email with any additional questions!!
-the Manda Bees team


 custom headbands
customized headbands
MandaBees custom headbands


custom headbands