No slip. No headaches. No hair damage. Guaranteed.

How Does It Work

We are headband connoisseurs turned headband designers. We solved the problems other headbands create with our Yoga headbands: 

no slip + no headaches + no hair damage 

But how does it work? We are constantly wowing new people with our “seriously, just try it on!” mantra.

How it Works MandaBees Yoga Headbands


The Yoga headband is engineered to move with you; When worn over top of your hairline (half on your forehead, half on your hair), The Yoga headband comfortably contours to the unique shape of your head while its microscopic elastic-based fibers grip to your skin, keeping it in place while eliminating the need for a super tight fit. in other words: it stays put without squeezing

VIDEO of how to wear :

Invented for intense workouts, the Yoga headband thrives where other headbands fail, so in literally any situation you can think of, the Yoga headband is your go-to. 

Double shift? Yoga headband. Surfing? Yoga headband. Hiking, camping, swimming, riding a rollercoaster, skydiving, bartending, rock climbing....  

You name it, the Yoga headband can keep up.

Not your vibe? We stand behind our products and have always offered  a money back guarantee. Just send your unworn headband back for a refund.