Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

We chose YOU to promote MandaBees Headbands because you embody everything we strive to be as a brand.

We would be beyond honored to have you on our headband-payroll!

What YOU get:

initially you will receive two free headbands of your choice along with a 10% off code to share and use on MandaBees.com.

Your code will be valid for 60 days. if your discount code gets 8 or more uses in those 60 days, you can choose THREE more free headbands, your discount code will renew, and the process repeats itself (you’ll get three headbands each time). That means as long as 8 new shoppers are using your discount code every 60 days, you keep getting free headbands. 


What do YOU need to do? 

When you receive your headbands, just wear, post, and mention @mandabees_headbands in a quality post. That's it! Feel free to post as often or as little as you’d like (you know your followers best), but we’re specifically looking for quality photos over spammy content.  That being said, frequent mentions mean your code will be used more often, which means more free headbands for YOU! :)

What should you post?

Good, aesthetic (shareable!) photos on Instagram that showcase your cute self wearing our headbands along with a mention of @mandabees_headbands and your discount code. We chose you because we like you, your vibe, and we want to see awesome content created using our product. 

You're essentially being paid in headbands to help make us look cool. ;)


Example of a good post:


Remember you aren't a sales-person for MandaBees, so please avoid trying to "sell" your audience on your new headbands. Rather, you're sharing your favorite headbands with your followers like you'd share your favorite Starbucks drink or favorite leggings during a workout.  We truly want to avoid the spammy generic advertising posts (please avoid the pushy “hey everyone buy these headbands” type posts.  No one likes to be SOLD on something or sales-pitched.) Just be genuine!

That being said, you don't have to constantly be posting to educate your audience about your headbands. You could post a workout, a makeup look of the day, or a selfie while wearing your headband and the caption could have nothing at all to do with your headband, but at the end simply add:

"headband: @mandabees_headbands" 

and tag us in the photo, like in this post: 






Here are a few more examples of great posts to inspire you!