No slip. No headaches. No hair damage. Guaranteed.

Design Your Own Headband

Custom Printed Headbands

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Design your own headband!



this listing is for designs containing one or two colors only. If your design contains three to four colors, order your headband here

1. choose what color headband we'll print your design on

2. Add this listing to your cart & checkout.

3. Once you have made payment, please send an email to containing the following:

- your design: What are we printing on this headband for you? if it's an image, send that. if your design is text-only and requires a specific font, let us know. any necessary info we need, tell us. (if you have an idea but no image and want us to design something for you from scratch, we can do that too, but extra fees apply. just send an email for a price!) *WE DO NOT PRINT COPYRIGHTED LOGOS unless you can provide a copy of the license agreement showing that you own or are permitted to the rights of the copyrighted logo. 

- how many colors are in your design? This listing is for up to three colors only. More complicated designs require an upcharge. (we suggest simple designs containing one or two colors only. If you have a question whether your design will translate well onto a headband, just ask!

*Please keep in mind that headbands with overly complicated, intricate designs or several colors will cost a bit more. We'll let you know before we start.

4. We will review your design within 24-48 hours and send you a digital proof (sample) of what your headband will look like. Once you give us the OK, we'll print it and ship it to you! Please allow 5-10 business days from this day for us to make your headband. 


There are no returns or exchanges on custom printed headbands. 


The original Yoga Headband + antimicrobial.

✔ antimicrobial agents have been incorporated into the fibers of the fabric, which inhibit the growth of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

✔ NO slip. Guaranteed.

✔ NO headaches, ever.

✔ NO hair damage

✔ moisture-evaporating technology

✔ barely there 

✔ NO rolled up edges, ever. This is a feature exclusive to Manda Bees - all other single layer headbands' edges will roll when overstretched.

— t h e - d e s i g n— 

clean + simple. so lightweight that you can barely feel it contour to your unique head shape. Single layer, seamless with a raw edge that doesn't roll up when you over stretch it. No extra bulky fabric, seams, elastic, or sticky silicone strips. The headband is 3.5" wide at the front and tapered in the back. 

— t h e - f a b r i c — 

our original non-slip headband with a kick. Antimicrobial agents have been incorporated into the fibers of this fabric. This inhibits the growth of bacteria, germs, and viruses, and means your headband won't get stinky if you put in in your gym bag after a sweaty class, and it won't make you break out. 

luscious + soft 4-way stretch semi-matte spandex-blended athletic fabric that wicks away moisture, pulling sweat from your head and allowing it to evaporate, instead of soaking up sweat and becoming hot, heavy or stretched out. the Yoga headband is breathable, ultra lightweight, and seamless. we believe less is more.

— t h e - f i t — 

The Yoga headband is engineered to grip onto the skin of your forehead, eliminating the need for a super tight fit. in other words: stays put, without squeezing. the Yoga headband measures 18" around but stretches to over 26". one-size-fits-most adults & kids age 6+. 

— h o w - t o - w e a r — 

your Yoga headband will stay in place and keep you looking flawless during your sweatiest bootcamp class and longest workday. Designed specifically to be worn over top of your hairline - half on your forehead, half on your hair. The Yoga headband comfortably contours to the unique shape of your head while its microscopic elastic-based fibers grip to your skin. when worn correctly, it will never slip backward. Ever. (Not even in Shirshasana.)

— s t y l i s t - t i p —

Invented for intense workouts, the Yoga headband thrives where other headbands fail, so in literally any situation you can think of, the Yoga headband is your go-to. 

The Yoga headband has become a favorite of medical professionals and the restaurant industry for its antimicrobial properties and long-wearing comfortability. Midnight shift at the hospital? Yoga headband. Work in a food truck? Yoga headband. Making lattes, teaching Pilates, or all day, non-stop mom-ing? Yoga headband. (We also customize for teams and businesses if you want some for your whole crew).

You name it, the Yoga headband can keep up. Our tip? Keep one with you at all times. 

— w a s h i n g —

hand-washing is recommended, but our headbands are all generally washer & dryer safe. do not bleach or iron.


If you're unsatisfied for whatever reason, send your un-worn headbands back for a refund. Easy peasy.

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